Do You have a dream?
A plan you have chiselled for years and spent hours of your days musing on it, drawing out every single detail?
What your child self would do, if you'd let him choose whatever in the world?
Our dream talks rythm and fat bass, it manifests from loudspeakers, your speakers my friend. Do you hear it?
Because music we hear everywhere at any given moment.
We breath it. We hear easy beat, mellowing into spiritual chant calling out from distant places, followed by deep drops to fall in. We play it cool, add minimal and a dash of our personal approach to techno, spin it up, mix techouse and tribal so the result is tearing up the dancefloor and making you move, irresistibly and for a long-long time.
We create a label of our own.

And if your dream speaks music too...
we'd love to hear from you!